Wednesday, 21 September 2011

NOWA HUTA Interview

Secret Admirer hooked up with Nowa Huta through social networking.
Secret Admirer got with the times.

Two things you can do whilst reading this interview:
1) Learn how to pronounce Nowa Huta.
2) Enjoy the visuals that Nowa Huta provided for this post.

Why did you choose the name Nowa Huta?

We were there when we decided to make tunes. I would recommend everyone visit it once, (though after a day we desperately wanted to get out and for a while it seemed like we never would.) Anyway, it's grey and drab and full of tension and alleyways that you feel you could disappear down forever. It is also a historical anomaly, which has recently woken up to the fact. We've never felt like such obvious tourists. It is pronounced “NO-VUH HOOH-TAH”.

How would you describe your music?
It's essentially warped dance music revolving around longing and loss. The absent object. The failure to truly love. The trap of obsession. The way we map these feelings onto the shapes of the city landscape around us.

What made you want to make music?

Being obsessed with music ourselves. One of the real powers of sound to us is in its directness - its emotive qualities can be interpreted intuitively without any need for contextualization. I guess that potency combined with the desire to express something of ourselves is what draws us to making music. Also there's nothing else going on in our lives.

Do you think that adding a bit of mystique and not giving too much away about yourselves adds to the general vibe of your music or is it a more personal choice?

It’s a simple, personal choice for us - but it's not really a big deal. Anonymous bedroom producers are ten a penny right now, so hopefully this isn't the most interesting thing about NH. :)We don't want to push some kind of corny deliberately mysterious thing out there...but we're just not into using our faces to promote something at the moment. I guess we're keeping things hazy and side-stepping a clear or easily-graspable visual aesthetic for the time being just for the sake of our own sanities.

What inspires your sound?

We don't write about actual incidents in our lives or specific topics. As previously mentioned, this abstract emotional memory revolving around desire and loss is what we're driven to try and capture. It’s like shining a chink of light on something monolithic to reveal just a single element of its shape. Each fragment is a different tune. Hopefully, when so many fragments are put next to each other, people will be able to see something like the whole shape.

Do you think the internet is good or bad for music?
Both. Our experience of checking out new music is not rooted in waiting for and seeking out a tangible, physical object anymore, and that dissociation encourages us to treat music as more and more disposable I think... a lot of the mystery has been sucked out merely by music becoming as readily available as it is, and I think we're generally less reverent about it now because there's always another 10 new mixtapes to listen to or whatever.. But at the same time, there is so much great stuff around right now, and obviously the Internet is the most sophisticated tool to efficiently deliver all that new shit to you. Certainly we're very thankful for it and dependent on it in terms of how we listen to and make music... so the good and the not-so-good sides are a necessary trade-off I guess.

Where can people get hold of your music?

We got a few remixes being released and a few new tunes out on mixtapes soon.
Holler at us here: for links to that.

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