Monday, 26 September 2011


Throwing Up are a band worth your attention, they are also a band worth emailing, if you want short and sweet answers to some burning questions of yours. Secret Admirer got to know them, through email, in a similar way to internet dating. But far less creepy.

Why did you choose to call your band Throwing Up?

No idea, it just happened, it's a pretty sick name for a band.

How and why was the band formed?

Ben’s wife asked us to help him get involved in more feminine activities since he was too much of a bro. Now he loves Corrie. And Hole. Ok, the Hole bit’s a lie.

How do you go about writing songs?

We get in a bad mood about something then sit in our bedrooms moaning until it becomes a song, we record demos like this on Garageband and send them to each other all the time. Sometimes we forget all about them for a month or so and then we'll be playing a show and the day before we're like ‘wasn't there a song that would be perfect for this show?’. So then we'll work it out in soundcheck and it becomes a Throwing Up song.

Does it help your band reach more people by being based in London?

I guess it must be easier than if you lived somewhere with no music scene, but then there's so many bands here, and so many shows going on every night, I think you get more support if you  live somewhere smaller. It's great when we play shows in the venues that we actually hang out in, then all our friends come down and it's super fun, that's probably more important to us than reaching a larger amount of people.

Do you feel like you are rebelling against anything with your music?

Not really. We make music for fun and as long as it’s fun we'll make music. 

What's the best gig you have played so far?

Supporting Off! and playing at Primavera and SXSW. Except we were totally out of our minds for the whole of SXSW, not so much a great gig but a great excuse to get wasted in Texas.

Do you have any weird fans yet?

We have some really sweet fans, I don't think there's anyone that weird though.

Do you think the Internet is good or bad for music?

This is such an impossible question, it's bad if non-commercial musicians can't make money from music anymore because then there will be less choice out there and less interesting new music, but it's great that smaller bands can get their music out to the world without having to get scouted so ultimately it's both good and bad.

Are there any other bands that you like playing gigs with?

We have to say Cerebral Ballzy because they're the cutest, watching them play puts me in hysterics, Black Lips are totally fun but as soon as Jared and Ben get together he'll disappear and lose his mind. Also the shows we played this weekend with Melvana and Death Grips were unhinged!

What are your plans in terms of releasing your music? And what can people already get their hands on?

We're putting out our next single "Mother Knows Best" on What's Your Rupture, then I think we might do an EP, we've got all these ballads that we want to record.

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