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As Wizbit, what was the best show you have played together?
Josh : The “Webbstock” show was pretty good.
Joe : That was a time, wasn’t it?
Josh : Yeah, that was quite early on. Probably like, maybe the first show you did with me. Basically it was Barny Webb, he did a little festival called “Webbstock”. And it was basically on his parent’s farm. And he just got a shit load of people and the bands played in this little barn. All night. It was really cool. We did one, god, it must have been four years ago now?
Joe : I only ever went to one “Webbstock”.
Josh : Yes, no, that’s right! Because I did one, might have been four years ago and then the year after I got Joe Brown involved and that’s when, the same year we started 72% Morrissey. So we did me and Joe as Wizbit and before that on the same weekend, it was 72% Morrissey. The debut! We had four songs.
Joe : Was it four?
Josh : About four songs. Yeah, and now we can’t stop writing them.
Joe : But yeah, that’s a whole ‘nother story.
Josh : I really enjoyed doing that because people just go absolutely nuts. And you’ve got all your friends there as well. They just grab a load of glow sticks, jump on stage in front of you and just go bloody mental! That’s a lot of fun.
Joe : It’s so great when you play two gigs in one night as well. It really ups the ante.
Josh : Oh and err, Ladyscraper. They have a residency there and every night they just played at midnight and wouldn’t stop for about an hour. Just playing horrible, horrible, horrible, relentless gabba music. I loved it, it was incredible. Yeah, that was probably one of my highlights. Would you agree, Mr.Brown? Labour Club is really good, we’ve done loads of good shows in the Labour Club.
Joe : The office party one?
Josh : The Christmas office party, yep! That was an annual gig, Ross put on in December. And the theme we decided was office Christmas party. We came on in like, ties and I had a Santa hood. And on my keyboard stand I had a monitor. And we just looked really miserable. And we had loads of those (makes a party blower sound).
Out of all the bands that you have collaborated in, which is you’re favourite to play in?
Joe : They like children, which is your favourite children?
Josh : They all have, you know, different kinds of love I guess. With Wizbit, I get to create my own music on my own. You know, it’s all very much a personal creative process. With Spankees, it’s so much fun to be working with amazing musicians: Joe Brown, Robert Nesbitt and Charlie Wood. Who is an incredible musician, really good at writing music, producing as well. With 72% Morrissey, which I absolutely adore, it’s a mixture between the two. I get a very big amount of creative input and also get to work with two other people. The stupidly talented Mr.Harries.
Joe : Is there anything he can’t do?
Josh : I doubt it. Get out of London maybe?
Joe : Yeah, that would be good if he did that. Especially in these times!
Josh : I couldn’t pick one. No, I definitely couldn’t pick one.
Joe : Its different aspects, you know it’s like with food, again. With food it’s like: ‘ooh I like sandwiches, I like main meals, I like puddings! Don’t make me choose! I want them all!’. They do three different jobs don’t they? It’s fulfilling those needs.
Josh : Yeah, it’s very filling. Fills you up. Yum yum.
Are there any other musical styles or genres that you would like to make music under? Because your different bands are all quite varied.

: But err, any sort of rapping, or?
Josh : That was one of the ideas. Get a rapper in Wizbit. I wanted to get collaboration with Eric Rivera and Jack O’ Lantern. But it was just one of those stupid ideas that when you are drunk you kind of go: ‘yeah! That’s a great idea!’. I think I’m fulfilled at the moment. You never know what the future can hold.
You are both a big part of Northampton’s local music scene, do you have a favourite local band?
Josh : At the moment, Crows. Definitely one of my favourite local bands. Just, they are fucking awesome. I can’t say any more than that. Amazing live and they are lovely, lovely guys.
Joe : It’s difficult for me to say, I did like The Retro Spankees but I can’t really call them favourites anymore. Now that I’m in them, so…it’s a bit weird, like: ‘ho ho ho ho!’.
Josh : ‘I really like that bassist!’
Joe : There’s a lot going on, isn’t there? Err, Blood Visions!
Josh : Yeah, Blood Visions! I did very much enjoy Boy Boy.
Joe : The old err, Anguish Sandwich as well. Great song writing! There’s just like a vibe about them at the moment, isn’t there? (Laughs) Sorry!
Josh : They are playing Reading and Leeds!
Joe : Yeah, what’s that all about?
Josh : We got some really great bands here, in Northampton.
Are there any that you miss, that have broken up now?
Josh : I really liked My Luna Vacation. That was Joel Harries and Matt King. I remember that lot, they were really good.
Joe : When you really like doing music, it’s very easy just to do lots and lots of music with everybody around you. That’s the great thing, you just end up with loads of great stuff. It’s so enjoyable to do that, isn’t it?
You have already released the first The Retro Spankees album and a 72% Morrissey EP, do you have any plans to record any other albums?
Josh : We haven’t really done any more 72% Morrissey stuff, it’s just been demos. But we are currently working on the second The Retro Spankees album. Going there tonight, actually, to do some recording.
Where are you recording it, which studio?
Josh : We’ve got a little studio of our own.
Joe : We’ve been sort of, building.
Josh : We’ve been for the last four months, hammering and…hammering.
Joe : Making bass traps. Going up ladders, coming down ladders. Again, that’s very important.
Josh : Breaking things.
Joe : And we’ve been doing lots of clapping. We’re not sound proofing, so everyone can hear what we are doing, unfortunately, or not unfortunately! (Laughs)
Josh : We are also going to be recording 72% Morrissey this weekend.
Joe : Fingers crossed.
Josh : Because we’ve got the gig on Friday, and then hopefully having something to sell, which should be great.
Joe : For people to listen to as well.
Josh : So I’ve kind of put the writing more Wizbit stuff on hold to focus on the other two. So, it’s really exciting.
Joe : If you are in one band, it can be a bit all encompassing. And you get to the stage where you have been hanging around with the same people for a long time and you are just doing the same thing. It’s like ‘here we go again’ 24/7. So if you are in a couple of bands, it’s like ‘eyyh! I’ve got a break!’. Which is really healthy, I think, to do that. I get a kick out of it. If I had to do the same thing all the time, I wouldn’t enjoy it. Doing all the different musical projects makes it better, makes it loads better.
Josh : Fingers in all the pies!
Joe : Yeah, loads of pies.
Josh : Exciting pies.
So, do you think you make music for yourself predominantly or do you ever think about an audience?
Joe : I don’t tend to think like that because then you just start writing stuff in a certain way. You can see it in big, like, stadium bands. Like when you start getting to stadium type things, all their music sounds the same. Because that’s the form you have to have if you are doing music to a big group of people. And you sort of lose all the essence of what people like them for in the first place. That’s just me.
Josh : I think I’ve found a mixture of the two. I mean, like I say, it’s a very kind of personal creative process and if you are not enjoying writing the music or playing the music then I don’t really see the point in doing it. But also you have got to think about the people who are going to enjoy it as well.
Joe : I’m not advocating doing a twelve minute, single note ‘eeeeeee…boomf.’
Josh : Well, that was an ex-72% Morrissey song.
Joe : Got excited there, there is a bit in one of the new songs where…
Josh : Entitled “Reptile Dysfunction”.
How do you come up with the names for your songs in 72% Morrissey?
Josh : You have a list!
Joe : If I hear something that somebody says and I think ‘oh, that’s an interesting one’ or if I’m goofing around, you know, giving it a bit of yap and I sort of think ‘that’s an odd one’. Then I’ll jot it. We’ll write the things, then we’ll think ‘that’s appropriate for that one’. Always take notes!
Josh : We wrote two new songs, “Reptile Dysfunction” and “Body Of The Snatch Invaders”.
Joe : Which is, you know, see what we did there?
Josh : I liked the one you came up with the other day, we were on the train, which was “Ripples Of Newton”.
Do you ever think you are going to add vocals to your 72% Morrissey songs?
Just in time, someone shouts “ayy-up!” from a distant garden.
Joe : Everyone is always trying to audition.
Josh : We like to keep it strictly instrumental. But there has always been times when we’ve started to shout or whoop.
Joe : It’s so much better to do it instrumental because you can write the music and the music becomes the most important thing. It’s like, sometimes if you just have to do the words and that, people will sometimes neglect the music. Because you play your chord and then you do the other chord. Whereas if you are just doing the music, you have to make the music as engaging as words would be. And it just brings a proper intensity to the music.
Josh : I agree. When me and Joe first started 72%, we tried putting some vocals with some of the music and it just didn’t have the same feel. It was a bit too twee. So we decided to scrap the vocals and just have horrible dirt, to replace it.
Joe : It’s all about the drama, knowing when to do something. As opposed to just going ‘ahhh! This is the most loudest we can be!’ and just do that all the time.
Josh : I’d like to add in that one of our favourite things to do at the moment is find strange noises at the end of songs.
Joe : Or the beginning.
Josh : Like, was it ‘Breed’ by Nirvana? Just at the end, Kurt Cobain just goes ‘guhh!’.
Joe : And at the end of ‘First It Giveth’ by Queens Of The Stone Age where he goes ‘euhh!’.
Where did you get the name 72% Morrissey? Was it from your notebook?
Josh : No, that was from me. I think it was something that Rob Nesbitt said actually. He started singing a Morrissey song and then he said: ‘no, I’m terrible at singing Morrissey, I’m only 72%’ or something like that. It kind of cropped up in a conversation and it kind of stuck. And I always just thought that it would be a cool name to use for a band. Then me and Joel got together and decided to call our band that.
Joe : And then you invited me in to the circle. I only used to join bands that were named after other people. Like ‘yeah, The Phil Collins Three, yeah! 72%? 72% what? Who? Who are we talking about? That’s better!’. And I’ve got the same birthday as Morrissey in a weird way.
Josh : There has been lots of weird coincidences. Like when we did our t-shirts, the price of all the t-shirts was £72 and Joel’s parents lived at number 72.
Woah, that is pretty good. Thank you, that was good.
Josh : Hurray!

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