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FURROW Interview

Furrow are two dudes with the DIY dream. Secret Admirer dug a little deeper into their dream through email.

The photos of the band you see before you are from when the awesome twosome performed live on the Unsigned/New Music show on Scratch Radio (

What's the idea behind the name Furrow?
Thom came up with the name. There is no idea as such behind the name. Furrow is an agricultural term when you plough the land so it’s ready to grow crop. There could be a meaning there? It’s in keeping with our surroundings and the way we approach making music.
Why did you start the band together?
We started because as friends we have always been pretty creative together. We both grew up in the country and went of to different cities. It kinda worked out but it wasn’t what we wanted. So we came back home and carried on where we left of. Working on exhibitions and creating art works. We are fortunate to be where we are and the people around us. Oswestry has a hub of amazing people that are creative. Our friends Jamie Davidson,George Triggs, People's Vinyl collective, Kino Culture and all from the Willow gallery influence us. For us making music was just another extension of art. We are both into bands like Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine and No Age. So sound wise we had an idea. When we started we could play to a point that was bearable but we just learnt as we went along. I had no real idea how to play the drums, none at all. But I thought I’ve played a little before and thought why not. It’s good to just go with the passion and feeling of creating something for the sake of it. And the times when you think, what am I doing I should stop all this and get a job. That’s good to, Use it. It’s always good to have some doubt it keeps’ you centred and focused. Just seeing how far we can take things with what we have in front us. See what sounds can be made from a pedal or sampler. Richard has started recording vocals through the snare drum. I just sing straight into it with the microphone underneath It makes an interesting sound? But to be honest we just wanted to put something out there something we made our selves. There is a joy in playing and making music as I’m sure all who are in bands know. And whatever genre of music that is, we are all chasing the same tail and it’s good to just keep on doing it. We both see this band/project as a hobby.
What do you write songs about?
Because I sing I write the words. I have a poor memory and remembering what to sing while playing the drums at the same time can be a challenge. Thom adds or takes lines out when I write because I do write loads from random thoughts or conversations with friends. Thom gives a direction of where the songs should go.  They seem to be very positive I feel and about the weather. Living in the country the weather is a big deal especially for farmers. I work at the local village shop in West Felton. It’s great and has a real sense of community. The weather that’s the first point of conversation for people that come into the shop. The weather shapes the way we feel, what we do and the mood of the day.
Who do you write music for?  
For you, ourselves and anyone who wants to listen. It’s a creative out put that would not work with out an audience. We have a sound cloud that we put mostly rough demos on there. It’s nice to see a progression in ideas, like when you see a painter develop their ideas in a sketch book. The demos are up so you can listen to them In the raw form, as they are when they were recorded that day in the caravan. Sometimes it’s just best to just let an idea go and not over work it. But playing live it’s totally different, you’re in that space and that space is ours for 20 or 30 mins and the audience joins us in that space if they won’t to or not. There is nothing more satisfying then seeing people dance and get into the music your making in front of them. And it’s even better when it’s the first time people have heard us play it’s almost like you have there seal of approval. I find people react to music in so many way’s , the best way we can put is our trash is another person’s treasure.

You seem to have strong DIY ideals, who else's loyalty to DIY do you admire?
A band from York called Fawn Spots. They run there own label Bad Paintings and of there own back went over to LA and played venues like the Smell and Burger Records that’s DIY for you. I think all bands have a foot in the door of DIY. As soon as you pick up that instrument your doing it yourself and drawing inspiration from what you know and what you like. In our case the DIY is purely from a wanting to do it. There is no point in waiting for someone to put out a record or tape for you. I see so many bands that are really good just waiting around for the record label and A+R people to come knocking and put out there album, book show’s for them etc. And when they don’t knock they just give up. When I saw the film ‘Instrument’ by Fugazi that gave me a real sense of inspiration. The way Ian Mackaye just get’s on with it and just keeps he’s head down.
What has been the most fun show you have played so far?
All of our shows have been great so far. Birmingham Sunflower was for us a highlight because No Age and Mika Miko played there on that very stage. Indie society put on a great night and made us feel at home. Playing Power Lunches for Andrew and Rachel from Cover Girl/Milk records and Trash Kit was so much fun. They run National minim rage and are the nicest people that are completely into what they do. Richard fell in love with the venue straight away. They were playing Fugazi - ‘Waiting room’ when we walked in with all our gear. But playing show’s it’s always fun to go on a road trip from city to city with your best friend.
What other bands have you enjoyed meeting/playing shows with?
So far everyone we have played with has been very supportive and positive in what we do and we feel the same about them. We don’t feel that our band is better the your band etc. If anything we wanna dance to your band when your on playing and just enjoy sharing ideas after the show.
If you could soundtrack a film, which one would you choose?
We are doing an exhibition based on rural themes and we are trying to get our friends Kino culture (they showcase independent art house films in Oswestry) to collaborate with us in showing the film Withnail and I in this old abandoned church. Been thinking of doing a live score to it. Like when No Age did The Bear. 
If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?
Do something with Bruce Nauman our Art hero. Maybe do a drum solo for a week in an exhibition space ‘A beat a day’ that’s a title right there. We had an idea to set up a tour around the country playing Village halls/community centers. Play in real remote parts of the country. The band Idlewild did it up in Scotland and the whole of this village came out to watch them the band play. Way through just played the Tate Britain and it looked amazing, that we would say yes to doing. Maybe play the Ikon in Birmingham if they will let us. Just playing an Upset the Rhythm in June is an achievement for us. So many bands that we love have played for them from Dan Deacon, BARR, Male Bonding, Deerhunter, Trash Kit, KIT No Age the list just goes on and on.
Do you have any gigs/releases coming up?
We have show’s coming up. We never say no to shows. Will drive up to Scotland just to play a show even if were the first band on the bill. We play in May the following dates Birmingham 5th for Forgotten Vintage charity night, our first home show at the Iron Works on the 6th, Boy Friend in Wrexham on the 7th,  Bleached in Birmingham 17th  and we head over to Cardiff with our friends Mowbird on the 31st. Then in June we go on tour with Fawn Spots around the UK and play our first Upset the Rhythm with Mikal Crokin on 11th June. The S/T tape and zine is out 30th April and you can download it when you buy it from the Bandcamp. There’s  a split tape with Moondad, that’s set to be out for the end of  July and another split tape or maybe record (if we can) with Fawn Spots at the end of the year. While doing band thing’s , working on more exhibitions around Oswestry. One project we are working on is a music/art day. Get an abandoned shop and have bands play in it for the day. Playing clubs and ‘Rock and roll venues is great but playing places where you wouldn’t expect a band is where we want to play. So if any bands read this and want to play a shop in Oswetry please let us know.

Photography by Jack Parker

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