Tuesday, 11 October 2011

BLAST-O-RAMA Interview

Blast-O-Rama are making sure that no one in Northampton, middle of England can complain about a lack of decent live music with their promotion powers.
People in Northampton are very good at complaining but thankfully Blast-O-Rama are very good at promoting. Secret Admirer asked these plucky promoters some pressing questions.

Why did you choose the name Blast-O-Rama?

Joe : I think within the same week I’d watched the Bowl-a-rama episode of the Simpsons and the Bronx’s 2nd album had just come out and a review of the first track just said “punk blast” so I kind of mixed the two.

Ross : That about covers it. Plus it’s a kick ass name for anything, I’ve like to have more food stuffs named after explosion based extravaganzas. I digress.

Do you think there are a lot of bands out there that need exposure through your promotion?

Joe : I think it’s the masses that need exposure to the bands rather than bands needing exposure. Hopefully it’s going to be one of the most band friendly nights around and helping out bands is very much at the forefront of our thoughts. However in a town where music venues are shutting down, shops along the high street are boarded up and any bar with an ounce of credibility is swallowed up by the chain pubs, this will hopefully bring people together where they can see great bands and most importantly hang out.

Ross : Agreed, most bands now have so many mediums they can use to get there music out there. But at the same time, there are a lot of promoters out there who don’t put bands on for the music and for fans/listeners. They use it as a tool to boost their credibility, scoring scene points if you will. We want nothing to do with that. We’re honest and we’ve played in bands before and played some shitty nights where the promoter couldn’t care less as long as he’s got his money. Fuck that.

Joe : Yeah, I’m at the age now where I just laugh at people who are looking for credibility and attention. But then they probably laugh at me for taking 5 minutes to get down the stairs and for liking Come Dine With Me.

Ross : I’m not a big fan of Come Dine With Me. I’m more of a Grand designs man, it appeals to the dreamer inside me.

How do you aim to represent your night in terms of visuals?

Joe : Ideally we’d like a disco ball.

Ross : And a buffet. We have a friend (Dan Hall) who is a very talented graphic designer. He understands what we’re trying to do which helps him produce amazing flyers/posters for the night.

What kind of bands do you intend to promote?

Joe : Bands that we’d want to see, bands that don’t think they are Motley Crue and bands that wear Black Flag t-shirts.

Ross : Yeah, definitely. In some ways, this is quite a selfish endeavour. Booking bands we like, but we hope that in turn our friends and anyone else who comes along to our nights will like them too. That goes for all ‘genres’, we’re big fans of The Atrocity Exhibit. They’re stunning live and they’re a grindcore band so make plenty of noise, we’d be happy putting them on and then the next time we’ll put on some acoustic guy who plays a beaten up ol’ fender or something. It’s not really going to be a night where we’ll book the same kind of acts every time, as the saying goes ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. We really want to keep it interesting for all parties involved.

Who is welcome at your gigs?

Joe :
I’ve travelled a lot and lived in and visited some great Cities and they’ve all had a great music community, I’d like to see Northampton come back to life and see no reason why we can’t start something again, so the people who are welcome are the people that share a vision that you don’t have to accept substandard-ness, that you don’t need to go to other Towns to see good bands...that said, anyone is welcome because we are welcoming types.

Ross : Everyone. I hate going to see bands and being sneered at for not having the right shoes, jeans, hair etc. I want kids to come to our nights and discover that you can be yourself; you don’t have to pander to what mainstream music magazines tell you or show you. You wanna watch a band who sounds like EyeHateGod whilst wearing a Shakira tshirt, in a non-ironic way, then go nuts. Seriously though, anyone.

Joe : Even Nazi’s? Like real Nazi’s?

Ross : Maybe not real Nazi’s, or even fake ones. They can stay away, go and tear up The Penny Whistle or something. ‘HEY YOU! YEAH YOU! YOU NAZI. GO AWAY, YOU ARE NOT VERY NICE.’

Who are your favourite under the radar bands at the moment?

Joe :
Depends how good the Radar is really. I’m very excited about the new Static Radio LP coming out, it’s like Hot Water Music meets Quicksand.

Ross : They could have klingon cloaking devices, that’d really scupper any hopes of finding them. I really love Apple Cannon from Liverpool, too good. Also 72% Morrissey from our very own Northampton. Such a lovely bunch that make a disgustingly brilliant amount of noise. I was lucky enough to be on their EP, just wailing away. Beautiful. Oh, and Guilty Parents from Nottingham. Ace.

For someone who wants to come to a future night of yours, what are the details they need to know?

Ross : That it will always be at The Labour Club. It will always be £3. And if you like, go and check www.facebook.com/blastorama for more info and nonsense.

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